Debbie Rix began her career with the BBC, initially as the newsreader on Britain’s first Breakfast TV show, thereafter appearing as a presenter and reporter of a number of television series. She is now a writer of fiction, specialising in novels about relatively unknown – but important – people of history. She artfully interweaves her historical narratives with the lives of fictional modern characters.

To date, she has written three books:

The Girl with Emerald Eyes (2015) explores two inter-related stories about the Leaning Tower of Pisa – one about the woman who left the money to build the Tower, the other about a modern female journalist’s attempt to uncover the mysteries behind Italy’s most famous building.

Daughters of the Silk Road (2016) features a Venetian merchant who followed in Marco Polo’s footsteps in the 15th-century. Among his cargo is a Ming vase, presented to him by the Emperor of China. The novel follows the vase’s changing fortunes through the next five centuries as it passes through the hands of his descendants.

Her latest novel The Silk Weaver’s Wife (2017) links the modern rebirth of the Italian silk industry to its 18th-century glories, via the lives of two women separated by 300 years. Once again it mixes fiction with fact, introducing the reader to some unfamiliar silk pioneers.

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