A unique club night where cutting-edge new fiction is transformed into theatre, is coming to Margate.

The first live performance of OFF Book takes place on Friday 19 August as part of the Margate Bookie literary festival. The event – which is free of charge – is beaming into the present with three speculative versions of the present day.

Given that the world is getting stranger every day it’s no wonder so many writers are using fantastical or speculative stories to interpret our fragile reality. The OFF Book team has picked three very different writers whose thrilling tales of the unknown take place in all-to familiar places.

Felicia Yap – Yesterday

Molly Flatt – The Charmed Life of Alex Moore (out in the UK in May 2018)

Matthew Blakstad – Sockpuppet

OFF Book is the brainchild of actor, singer and novelist Tracey Brown, and novelist and actor Matthew Blakstad.

Matthew said: “We were talking about how hard it is for both new writers and up-and-coming actors to be seen and heard.  Tracey had an amazing idea: why not give brilliant actors a chance to be seen by getting them to perform exciting scenes from new novels that deserve to be read?”

As well as the performances, there will be fiction-related music and informal author chat, all in the cabaret atmosphere of Morgan’s in the High Street, Margate.

Meet the creators, get your copies signed, discover new writing and acting talent, and to get closer to the creative process. It’s a chance to see familiar faces and discover tomorrow’s talent, in a fast-paced irreverent atmosphere. But most of all a chance to watch great contemporary writing brought to life.

OFF Book takes place at Morgans in the High Street, Margate at 7:30pm on Friday 18 August. Tickets are free but should be booked in advance.

Felicia Yap’s debut novel will be brought to like by the OFF Book team but she too is appearing at the Bookie. Felicia will read from Yesterday at Turner Contemporary, 12:45pm on Saturday 19 August. Tickets are just £5 and should also be booked in advance.