As part of this year’s Margate Bookie, our good friend Francesca Wilkins is creating a pop-up bookshop.

The Margate Bookshop will feature titles by Bookie speakers, and will be happening across the two main festival locations. A larger bookshop will be set up in Turner Contemporary’s Foyle room, with its stunning seafront view, and a smaller pop-up shop at Sands Hotel will tie-in with readings there.

Visitors are invited to browse a lovingly curated selection of books which includes artist publications, photographers’ limited-edition photobooks, friendly self-help guides and illustrated maps, half-price children’s books, modern and contemporary titles relating to Bookie events, books from independent publishers and much more.

The idea of setting up a pop-up bookshop stems from a desire to encourage greater involvement in reading in a time when the activity of buying and browsing books has become more impersonal. At the heart of the project is the wish for more accessible spaces that feel inviting to a wider audience, through which to promote art and, in particular, literature. Inspired by the area’s growth of creative spaces and sense of community, Francesca is working to soon open her own bookshop in a dedicated space in Margate.

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