Real books are back and I couldn't be more pleased

Remember books? Actual feel-the-weight hardbacks and spine-just-waiting-to-be-cracked paperbacks, both giving off that almost woody aroma of new-ness? Well, they’re back. Recent figures from the Publishers Association show book sales income rose by 5% last year and there was a 31% rise in hardback book sales income. I’m declaring this to be good news: My eyes thank […]

The Margate Bookie returns this September

The Margate Bookie returns from 28-30 September with a host of star names and literary activities. It’s our fifth festival and the Bookie will pack the town with inspiring writers and creative writing teachers. Headliners include Sathnam Sanghera (The Boy With The Topknot), Amber Butchart (The Fashion Chronicles) and Radio 4 regular Dean Atta. Vanessa […]