Get your bum on the seat and write!

Author Alice Fitzgerald is speaking at the Margate Bookie this weekend. The Bookie’s Ellie Ward caught up with her ahead of her appearance. They spoke about her debut novel, her love of Margate and her best piece of writing advice: ‘Her Mother’s Daughter took nine long years to write and publish’ says Fitzgerald. A throughline within this […]

Writing workshops at the Margate Bookie

Whether you’re keen to start writing or write more often, want to give poetry a try, or are just looking for creative inspiration, the Margate Bookie has a brilliant programme of workshops: Build a world The weekend kicks off with a free workshop organised by the Canterbury Christchurch University’s Creative Writing Society. We’re inviting writers […]

Connor Sansby on poetry

When we asked followers of our Facebook page to tell us, using a gif, what they thought of the poetry lessons they had at school, a handful of smiling cats and excitable cartoon characters quickly got lost amongst the ‘meh!’ memes, shrugging shoulders and facepalm gifs. How much of an impact does what we learn […]

Coming to the Bookie? Here's the practical stuff you need to know

The Margate Bookie is back from 28-30 September at Turner Contemporary and venues in Margate’s old town. Whether you’re joining us for a single day or the whole weekend, you may find the following information helpful: Getting here If you’re coming from out of town, why not let the train take the strain? When it […]

Londoners! Take a Half Day Holiday to the Margate Bookie literary festival

In this guest post, walking artist/performer/writer Simon Cole (Half Day Holidays, Hackney Tours and more) explains how you can find a book festival, find inspiration, find connections and even find the beach on their next excursion on Saturday 29 September: We’re off from London to Margate on a FREE arts experience again. Come and get […]