5 things I learnt at my first poetry slam

‘The Bookie Slam’ – my first poetry slam – Faversham Literary Festival, 21 February 2020 First published by Liv at Liv Between The Lines. Confession time: I’m a 25-year-old bookworm and poetry reader… and until a couple weeks ago, I had never been to a poetry slam. I’ve been to bookshop readings with well-known poets. […]

Books to bunker down with

We live in troubled times. But we always have words. Literature connects us, books soothe us, writing is a way to build relationships. We asked our team what books they will be bunkering down with over the next few weeks. The books that make them feel good. The ones that help them through troubled times. […]

Volunteering at the Margate Bookie

Although I missed out on the inception year of the Margate Bookie, I have been an active volunteer of the ever-growing and expanding book festival in Margate since 2015, and I can honestly say that I am so glad and proud to have been a part of it up to now, and am equally glad […]