Elspeth’s family’s background – as emigres to Argentina and her own reverse emigration to the UK – are strong influences in her work. Since she graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2010 Elspeth has developed an art practice that has benefitted from working with artists, art galleries and community groups. Elspeth works with many processes including walking, printing, painting, weaving and performance. Elspeth’s current work explores the relationship between walking, weaving, and storytelling.

Elspeth has been using walking as research for over three years and has been experimenting with walking, inviting people to engage with places, poetry and memory.

The walks she has organised have led her to research the haptic and psycho-geography. This, in turn, has led her to make handmade ropes to document the walks. These ropes are then knotted by fellow walkers to create a record of selected personal memories of the walk.

For more about Elspeth visit: www.elspeth-billie-penfold.com