All aboard for making waves at The Margate School

“ANOTHER TIME asks where the human being sits within the scheme of things. Each work is necessarily isolated, and is an attempt to bear witness to what it is like to be alive and alone in space and time.” – Antony Gormley For the past three months, Antony Gormley’s sculpture standing in Margate’s seas beside […]

Sad Poets Doorstep Club Review

Sad Poets Doorstep Club promotional poster

Margate Bookie’s Sad Poets Doorstep Club, hosted by Crow Rudd and Bookie’s Young Producers still manages to amaze and inspire the poetry and spoken word community. Rick Dove relives his experience of the night with us.

A Dance in the Moon Garden

Chatting to us about the release of her first children’s book, Susie Darnton tells us about her writing journey and about how coming to Margate Bookie’s live lit fest in 2019 inspired her work.

Making a Bee-line for Books

Bryony Bishop, aka Bee, is the founder of Bee’s Bookshare, a book group with a difference. This vibrant community of readers regularly meet up (in non-pandemic times) to share a love of books and discover new reads. There are no set books to read, you just bring at least one book to swap that you’ve loved or loathed to pass on and reading tales to share. We had a catch up with Bee to find out more.

Using social media for creativity

Connor Sansby, Whisky and Beards Editor-In-Chief and Bookie poet aficionado, had a chat with us about social media’s place in the creative process. Here are his top tips.

Quality over quantity

One of the most commonly searched terms when it comes to writing is ‘how long is a novel?’ It seems we’re all worried about making something the right length, but quality always trumps quantity. Your work comes down to much more than word count or how many multisyllabic words you can fit in.

What It’s Like Being a Swedish Author In The Pandemic

By now everyone is used to living with restrictions. Over here, in Sweden, where I live part of the year, (the other part in the U.K.) what I miss most is the opportunity to meet up with fellow authors and attend literary festivals, events and book fairs.

Volunteering at the Margate Bookie

Although I missed out on the inception year of the Margate Bookie, I have been an active volunteer of the ever-growing and expanding book festival in Margate since 2015, and I can honestly say that I am so glad and proud to have been a part of it up to now, and am equally glad […]