Careering with Daisy Buchanan

In the run-up to our live litfest in June, Margate Bookie has been chatting to Daisy Buchanan about her amazing new novel and her event at the June Bookie. Check out our Events Page for your tickets.

Daisy Buchanan







What’s Careering all about?

Careering is a comedy about what happens when you do a job you love, but you’re starting to realise it’s never going to love you back. Imogen, the eternal intern, has just scored her dream job and thinks her boss Harri must have it all figured out – but they are both struggling and spiralling, and they have to join forces and rebel.

Careering front cover








How did the idea for Careering come about?

I started my writing career as a magazine intern, doing various odd jobs in order to keep body and soul together – I felt like work and ambition were the great big unrequited love of my life and it seemed really timely to explore the fine line between bringing passion to your work and being exploited by bosses and systems who can take advantage of that passion.


Who’ll you be chatting with?

My brilliant friend, Laura Tait, a fantastic author and journalist who’s seen me through the freelance trenches. (Her first book, The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me with writing partner Jimmy Rice, is amazing.)



Where and when can we see you at the litfest?

I’ll be talking to Laura on the bank holiday Friday 3 June at the Turner at 2PM – but I’m a local, so I’ll be checking out the other fantastic events and propping up the bookshop too! If you see me, do come and say hello!


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