Don’t think, Just Write from the Prompt!

Stuck? Julie has the answer. Her journaling prompts and easy-going workshops, for writers like you, always get results.

‘Don’t think, just write from the prompt’ is Julie’s kick-starter. Cut through procrastination, over-thinking and anxiety. Build a habit of writing on demand to banish Writer’s Block. The only way to discover how you will benefit from journaling is to select a prompt and start writing. Keep writing without concern for correct spelling, grammar or punctuation: you are writing for yourself, not an audience.

It’s calming to focus on the process of writing down the spontaneous flow of words from a prompt. Enjoy the relief of downloading your angst, earworms, things you must remember to do… Your unburdened mind will then be free to fly on the wings of creativity, while your inner editor takes a nap. Enjoy the adventure of following a prompt wherever it leads, your unique exploration of a subject.

It’s OK if most of what you’ve written is rubbish: you wrote it without thinking. Wake up your inner editor to sift through the words in your journal to discover ideas, insights and webs of interconnections. Highlight words and phrases to use as prompts to trigger further journaling and a richer exploration of a subject.

Because you are writing for yourself, and the paper is non-judgmental, journaling promotes authenticity. Discover your strong, unique voice, that will resonate with your readers. Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance through journaling builds the confidence to speak up, speak out and share your writing with the world.

Thanks to regular journaling, writers can tackle their projects with a strong, authentic voice, confidence in their ability to be creative and to keep their words flowing.

Julie has been journaling for over 20 years and discovered free expressive journaling to prompts four years ago. She was inspired to start weekly Julie’s Journaling workshops in Thanet. She’s now held over 170 open workshops and her website offers daily prompts. Her first book will be published in late 2019.

Julie relocated to Margate from land-locked Staffordshire and now swims in the sea all summer. A group of onlookers once asked a passer-by ‘Is that a seal?’. She replied, ‘No, that’s my friend!’ Here is a prompt to start you off, “Swimming like a seal”. After you…

You can catch Julie at the Margate Bookie Write Up! at 1pm on Sunday 28th July. She will be leading a workshop on Creativity through Journaling.
Click here to reserve tickets.

Julie E Pratt
Julie E Pratt
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