Margate Waves

Over five Saturday afternoons in April and May, local 3-7 year olds met up to form a group called MARGATE WAVES, as part of Kent Reconnect festival. Kids from Garlinge Primary school also joined in!

We got together to make something about our hometown of Margate and its coastline.

But pretty quickly, we got to talking about poo.
Because there’s a lot of it in Margate.
Turns out, sometimes there’s a lot of it in the sea, too!

We hope what we’ve made here will show you how much we love our brilliant town, but also make you think carefully about the need to protect the sea we sit beside.


Thanks to: Olby’s Creative Hub, Garlinge Primary school, Kent Reconnect festival, the Turner Contemporary, Bennycrime Ltd. for tech support, and all the Margate Wavers and their families.

Grateful thanks to the KCC Reconnect Festival programme for funding Margate Waves.

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