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The Margate Bookie literary charity wants to appeal to a wide audience and connect people through a love of literature. And their ‘zine project seems to have done just that. What started out as the idea for a great compilation of local writing has grown into an amazing collection of creative pieces.

In the last couple of years, the Margate Bookie have seen the launch of both The Great Indoors (2020) and Reset (2021). We have featured some great creative writing and artistry by some amazingly talented people from across the globe, from Malaysia, India, Australia, throughout the UK and across the US. The Open Arms is our most recent work in progress, and is gearing up for a release at our June Bookie 2022.

The Margate Bookie Zine’s openly invites creatives the opportunity to write, draw and create a piece of work that meets the theme of the Zine. This can be about themselves, others or even fictional characters. With short stories, poems, images and more, The Margate Bookie looks to create Zines that give new creative artists the confidence and inspiration to see their creative work in print and online, and established creatives the platform to further promote themselves and their work.

Funded and supported by Arts Council England, Catalyst and Thanet District Council, Margate Bookie looks set to continue their ‘zine project for quite some time to come. Their Lead Editor, Justin Brown says: ‘We started the ‘zine as a way to reach out to writers and artists that were struggling to cope with the isolation of the pandemic. Now, we feel that the ‘zines have evolved into a global community of talented creatives that want to show the world what they can do.

We’re privileged to be able to offer this platform for these exceptional people and are proud to continue to do so.” The Margate Bookie is a registered charity (No. 1174819). For more information on this, and all enquiries for The Margate Bookie, email

The Great Indoors​

Our inaugural lit ‘zine, a platform for creatives in the lockdown blues. A testament to creative writers and artists both nationally and internationally.

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Continuing our great successes, Reset reaches new audiences and further across the world. Creating amazing creative links across the world, hitting the reset button from the trials of the recent past.
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The Open Arms

Coming 4 June 2022

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