Fiction and Fragments with Jude Cook

Pull up a chair and find out what happened at Jude Cook and Sam Mills‘ Fiction & Fragments event at the June Bookie. Read on to find out what they got up to where the ideas for their event came from.


What’s Fiction and Fragments all about?

Fiction and Fragments takes its title from Sams 2020 memoir The Fragments Of My Father, and is a framework to talk about novel-writing, publishing and personal experience, and the correspondence between the three.

Who were you chatting with?

I was chatting with Sam Mills, novelist and MD of indie press Dodo Ink. We spoke about my Paris-set 2020 novel Jacob’s Advice as well as Sam’s recent non-fiction works Chauvo-Feminism and The Fragments Of My Father, and her novel 2012 debut The Quiddity Of Will Self. We also chatted about our approaches to writing, the publishing industry and the life of the working author and reviewer.

How did it go?

The conversation with Sam went really well, with detailed discussion about all our books, as well as the publishing industry and how to navigate it. There were some searching questions from an attentive audience, many about agents and editors and how to establish any kind of longevity as a writer, which I hope Sam and I answered usefully.

Here’s to the Bookie 2023.


Where can we find more out about you?

You can find out all about me and what I’ll be getting up to on my website as well as my Twitter page. Sam can be found on her website and Insta here.


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