Learn to produce online events with Margate Bookie

Margate Bookie invites young people from across Thanet to join them as young producers for a series of online literature events to launch early in 2021.

Working with leaders in their fields, young people aged 18-30 will have the opportunity to create, develop, and produce events by young people, for young people and contribute overall to Margate Bookie literature festival. 

Our dedicated team of event producers, marketers, and administrative staff want to help young people in Thanet achieve their goals in the changing circumstances we’re all faced with.

Working with Margate Bookie, they will learn the skills needed to develop and produce online festival events to professional standards. We’ll support them each step of the way and help them build transferable skills recognised by employers using the Skills Builder Universal Framework.

Participants will:

  • Plan, develop, and produce events.
  • Devise audience and marketing strategies.
  • Work within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Write great copy and manage the design process.
  • Create their own professional development plan.

These days artists need to do more than just create. Artists need a whole range of skills both on and offline and arts events need people skilled in a range of fields.

As part of the Margate Bookie team, the young producers will have access to decades of combined knowledge in different artistic fields including visual arts, poetry, prose, music, marketing, photography and design.

What we ask for is a commitment to three meetings over the next three months (with more if required by the young producers), plus participation in the events planned. All of this will be virtual using Zoom.

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in contact by 5pm Monday 9 November to sign up.

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