The cover of Dosh Archer's popular Urgency Emergency books

Dosh Archer

Urgency Emergency!

Image of Evalyn Lee

Evalyn Lee

Vanguard Readings

Image of Karen Hamilton

Karen Hamilton

The Perfect Girlfriend

Paul Dornan

Never, Never, Ever

Image of David Barker

David Barker

Rose Gold

An image of Jake Arnott

Jake Arnott

The Long Firm

Image of Louis De Bernieres

Louis de Bernières

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

An image of Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner

The Red Dancer

Sam Gayton


Adrian Cross

Vanguard Readings

Walking with The Waste Land

Walking Tour

Image of Philip Whiteley

Philip Whiteley

Marching on Together

Chloé Esposito

Mad, Bad and Dangerous

Image of Rose McGinty

Rose McGinty

Electric Souk

Daisy Buchanan

How to be a Grown Up

Image of Simon Wroe

Simon Wroe

Here Comes Trouble

Image of Anna Hart

Anna Hart


Image of Salena Godden

Salena Godden

Performance Masterclass