Outsiders Welcome with Elise Valmorbida

Elise Valmorbida

We love having Elise Valmorbida at our lit fests, as she always brings something new and dynamic to the festival. The Outsiders Welcome creative writing workshop is no exception. Margate Bookie chat with her about The Happy Writing Book and her upcoming event with us. Grab your tickets quickly, it’s sure to be a sell-out. […]

The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

The Breakup Monologues front cover

Taking us into our Friday evening at June Bookie will be comedian and author Rosie Wilby. Here she shares more about her latest book The Breakup Monologues. Grab your tickets here.                 What’s The Breakup Monologues all about? The Breakup Monologues is my second book and follows many […]

The Story is Everything launch with Andreas Loizou

The Story is Everything book cover

We’re looking forward to the launch of Margate Bookie founder and CEO’s new book, The Story is Everything on 2 June. Read on for our chat with Andreas Loizou about his book writing journey and what we can look forward to at his event.             What’s The Story is Everything […]

The Open Arms Zine Live Launch with Justin Brown

From local ‘zine aspirations to wide-spread international successes, the Margate Bookie Zine has exploded onto the literary map, We speak with Lead Editor Justin Brown about the amazing journey the Bookie Zine has taken and what he’s got in store for us at the Live Launch.   What’s The Open Arms all about? The Open […]

The Waste Land with Richard Skinner

We’re chatting with Faber Academy Director of Fiction and novelist Richard Skinner ahead of his event at the June Margate Bookie litfest. Keep reading for his sneak preview of his The Waste Land performance and the ideas behind it.               What’s The Waste Land all about? Oooh, good question. […]

The Bookie Slam with Connor Sansby

The Bookie Slam poster

One of the cornerstones of the Margate Bookie litfest, The Bookie Slam always manages to bring dynamism, extraordinary performances and the top names in spoken word poetry. We check in with emcee and Slam host Connor Sansby to tell us what to expect.                 What’s the Margate Bookie […]

Seaside Stories with Zoe Gilbert

Zoe Gilbert

As we speed towards the Margate Bookie June litfest, we catch up with Zoe Gilbert to chat about her Seaside Stories event.                 What’s Seaside Stories all about? It’s about finding inspiration for new stories in old ones –specifically saltwater folk tales. Everyone finds their own meanings in […]

Fiction and Fragments with Jude Cook

Pull up a chair and see what Jude Cook has in store for us at his Fiction & Fragments event at The Margate Bookie litfest. Read on to find out what’s in store for us and where the ideas for his event come from. Grab your tickets here for June 5!         […]

Careering with Daisy Buchanan

Careering front cover

In the run-up to our live litfest in June, Margate Bookie has been chatting to Daisy Buchanan about her amazing new novel and her event at the June Bookie. Check out our Events Page for your tickets.             What’s Careering all about? Careering is a comedy about what happens when […]

14 Anthology Launch with Richard Skinner

14 Anthology front cover

We’re checking in with Richard Skinner ahead of his 14 Anthology Launch at the June Margate Bookie to find out who’s taking part at this amazing reading event.               What’s the 14 Anthology all about? 14 magazine is an annual poetry magazine devoted to poems of fourteen lines only […]