A timeline of the Margate Bookie Slam and the Kent Poetry Championship

Connor Sansby hosting The Margate Bookie Slam

  The Margate Bookie Poetry Slam has been a popular headliner of our litfest since the very beginning, combining poetry with the drama of a live contest. 10 poets battle it out in a heated contest, all in a bid to face off against the Kent Poetry Champion. Hosted by Bookie’s in-house poet and festival […]

Connor Sansby on poetry

When we asked followers of our Facebook page to tell us, using a gif, what they thought of the poetry lessons they had at school, a handful of smiling cats and excitable cartoon characters quickly got lost amongst the ‘meh!’ memes, shrugging shoulders and facepalm gifs. How much of an impact does what we learn […]

The Margate Bookie returns this September

The Margate Bookie returns from 28-30 September with a host of star names and literary activities. It’s our fifth festival and the Bookie will pack the town with inspiring writers and creative writing teachers. Headliners include Sathnam Sanghera (The Boy With The Topknot), Amber Butchart (The Fashion Chronicles) and Radio 4 regular Dean Atta. Vanessa […]