The Open Arms Zine with Ann Lloyd

As we wind down from The Open Arms Zine Live Launch at the June Bookie and start reeling up to the next, we’re catching up with our amazing readers. Interviewed before her reading, we chat with Ann Lloyd about her Zine journey and how it led her to the Live Launch.

How did you find out about The Open Arms?
I think I did a Margate Bookie online Zoom workshop last year in the lockdown, so I got a taste of the Bookie vibes and the lovely people, and I just kept an eye on it. I heard about them doing a new Zine, and I’d tried to make some zines myself, so I thought I’ll join in.


Why did you submit your piece?
I’ve just started writing poems, turning stuff that’s already taking up space (in my mind), and trying to decide now to share that with people, and it all just aligned at the same time. The man here (Justin) asked for a poem about accepting yourself, and I’m on a journey to do exactly that.


What does your piece being in the Zine mean to you?
A lot. A very lot.


How was your Zine experience?
Great. Great. Friendly and supportive, not too overwhelming, but still felt professional and part of a proper big thing, with proper literary people who know what they’re talking about. And they chose one of my things, which was lovely.


Would you submit again?
Yes, probably. If they want it or not.


Check out Ann’s amazing piece in The Open Arms, and check out her reading at the Live Launch here.

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