The Open Arms Zine with Craig Brown

As we wind down from The Open Arms Zine Live Launch at the June Bookie and start reeling up to the next, we’re catching up with our amazing readers. Interviewed before his reading, we chat with Craig Brown about his Zine journey and how it led him to the Live Launch.

How did you find out about The Open Arms?
Actually, I found out through a friend who’s involved in Thanet writing groups. They had done the Bookie before, and certain other things, so they said they knew the first two zines had come out, and they said ‘it’s number three, go for it!’ and they were very supportive.


Why did you submit your piece?
I liked the topics that were actually offered, and I thought that it would actually fit within the parameters of the subject matter. So, I thought it would work within that. If it didn’t, then maybe it’s for somewhere else. But it did.


What does your piece being in the Zine mean to you?
I think it’s interesting because you get to see something in print, and I think that’s very important, because it realises a piece. Once it’s actually in print, it becomes tangible, you cn actually work on it and you can see it as a real thing. When it’s in your mind and it’s still not out there, it’s unattainable almost.


How was your Zine experience?
Actually, the Zine experience was very good. I must admit that the communication was excellent, and we were informed every step of the way, so we didn’t feel left out or left behind on any level.


Would you submit again?
Oh, absolutely. Yes, I would. I might go for a shorter piece though, because I did feel a bit guilty about taking up seven pages, but you know, I don’t mind. I would love to submit again.


Check out Craig’s amazing piece in The Open Arms, and check out his reading at the Live Launch here.

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