The Open Arms Zine with Amanda Jones

As we wind down from The Open Arms Zine Live Launch at the June Bookie and start reeling up to the next, we’re catching up with our amazing readers. Interviewed before her reading, we chat with Amanda Jones about her Zine journey and how it led her to the Live Launch.

How did you find out about The Open Arms?
I found out about it from social media, because I’m a great Twitterer/Twitteree, and I saw it mentioned there.


Why did you submit your piece?
Well, it was interesting because you said you were looking for things about welcome, and I am a fairly dystopic writer, and I thought I literally have one thing that is remotely welcoming, so I would submit that or I submit nothing. I’m very glad I submitted it, as thank you for including it.


What does your piece being in the Zine mean to you?
Well, I’m a fairly good writer, so I’m sitting with other people that are reading and thinking ‘I’m very much the oldest but newest person here’, but also this is I think the fourth piece I’ve had published and there is something very special about print. The first two were digital, and it just means a lot more, there being paper and a page with words on it somehow.


How was your Zine experience?
My Zine experience could not have been smoother and more lovely, thanks to a person called Justin, who just made everything very easy and communicated swiftly, and asked useful questions and let me just answer, so it was very good.


Would you submit again?
Absolutely, I would submit again, yes. The minute you open the next submission, announce the subject, I’ll be there like a rat up a drainpipe.


Check out Amanda’s amazing piece in The Open Arms, and check out her reading at the Live Launch here.

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