The Open Arms Zine with Nina Telegina

As we wind down from The Open Arms Zine Live Launch at the June Bookie and start reeling up to the next, we’re catching up with our amazing readers. Interviewed before her reading, we chat with Nina Telegina about her Zine journey and how it led her to the Live Launch.

How did you find out about The Open Arms?
I found out because it was posted on Facebook, that’s how I find out about everything.


Why did you submit your piece?
Because it looked like a really cool project, and I missed out on the last one, so I really wanted to be in this one. And I was like ‘yes, this is my chance’. The theme was really welcoming, and I really love that. I really resonate with that in my work, so I was quite thrilled.


What does your piece being in the Zine mean to you?
I’m really proud of it. I really love the Margate Bookie, and everything that you guys do, so I’m really, really proud to be a part of it.


How was your Zine experience?
I think technically this was my first Zine experience, so for a Zine experience, it’s been excellent. I have absolutely nothing to compare it to, but I will be comparing my next experience to this one.


Would you submit again?
Absolutely, yeah. Totally.


Check out Nina’s amazing piece in The Open Arms, and check out her reading at the Live Launch here.

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