The Story is Everything launch with Andreas Loizou

We’re looking forward to the launch of Margate Bookie founder and CEO’s new book, The Story is Everything on 2 June. Read on for our chat with Andreas Loizou about his book writing journey and what we can look forward to at his event.

Andreas Loizou







What’s The Story is Everything all about?

It’s about how to make an impact. You’ll learn how to grab your audience’s attention by targeting their feelings, actions and beliefs. I’ll show you how the masters of influence – advertisers, psychologists, philosophers, film directors and novelists – appeal to our deepest emotions.

And I’ll recycle some old stories about Margate along the way.


How did the idea for your book come about?

I’ve always been fascinated by people who tell tales. I can’t stand formal speeches, so I’m always searching for the wedding guest who can tell me what the bride was really like at school. I love how stories get polished over the years. The further away the memory, the more people add details and colours and tastes and smells.

I teach at firms and universities around the world. The best students are those who can spin a story. I wanted to share techniques that make storytelling easier, and give people more confidence.




What have you got in store for us at your launch?

I like showing publishers and agents that Margate has a writing scene, that Thanet is full of authors. The launch is more about bringing people together in the Old Town than pushing The Story is Everything.

After all, no-one buys a book just because the author throws a good party. Do they?


Where and when can we see you at the litfest?

Find out at the launch party on Thursday 2 June at the end of the first day of the Margate Bookie. Space is limited, so please send an email to to book your place at the table.


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