Uncovering Past Lives with Emily Midorikawa

Long time Margate Bookie presenter and pal, Emily Midorikawa chats with Margate Bookie about her upcoming talk with Samantha Ellis about their written work and some of history’s greatest and overlooked women writers. We catch up with Emily to discuss this and what’s to come in her event.








What’s Uncovering Past Lives all about?

It’s about the challenges, rewards and constant surprises that come with writing about overlooked or widely misunderstood women of the past. Topics we’ll be delving into include literary heroines, female writer friends and Victorian spirit mediums – that last grouping being the subject of my most recent book, Out of the Shadows: Six Visionary Victorian Women in Search of a Public Voice.


What will you be chatting about in your event?

Since my co-speaker and I have both written about the Brontë sisters, I’m sure we’ll end up talking quite a bit about them, as well as other famous female authors and literary characters and the impact that they’ve had on us. We’ll also focus on some of the less celebrated women we’ve written about, asking why their reputations today are not what they might be. And we’ll be sharing insights into our approaches as writers to profiling these women in our books.


Who’ll you be chatting with?

I’m really looking forward to chatting with Samantha Ellis, a writer I greatly admire. In addition to her work as a playwright, Samantha is the author of How to Be A Heroine: Or What I’ve Learned From Reading Too Much and Take Courage: Anne Brontë and the Art of Life. The two of us did an online Margate Bookie event back in 2020, which was fun, and so I’m looking forward to getting together in person and having the chance to discuss new things.








Where and when can we see you at the litfest?

We’ll be at the Turner Contemporary at 12.30pm on Sunday 5th June. I hope to see you there. Grab your tickets here.


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