Writing Journey – Pitch Perfect

Chris MacDonald is an actor and writer based in Margate, having worked for the BBC, the RSC and Amazon Studios. He published his debut novel, Happy Ever After, in 2020 and the second, Family Friend has just been released! He is currently working on his third.

As part of Writing Journey, Chris will be leading Pitch Perfect on May 25th, 12PM – 2PM

You’ll be able to find out how to:

  • Distill creative ideas to their simplest elements
  • Entice and intrigue an audience
  • Present yourself confidently

Chris is eager to be part of Writing Journey as books and TV shows have always been a huge element of his life, and his experience in the screenwriting world has made him eager to share his passion.

“They’ve always bought me so much joy, and it’s a real privilege to be able to share how to pitch with local people.”

Writing Journey seeks to helps young people who are not in education, employment or training in the Thanet area to improve confidence and resilience. At Margate Bookie, we know how important writing can be, and after a difficult year of lockdowns and isolation, want to share the joy of writing with the young people in our community who need it most.

“We exist in stories, our every relationship is definwritered by the stories we tell each other, our self-esteem is shaped by the narrative we tell ourselves. Writing is a great outlet, a way to channel emotion, both joyful and difficult, a way to express ourselves and understand who we are.”

Chris is busy with his third book, which is set at a cultish drama school. He has also just written a gentrification horror movie called This Merrie Land and is currently working on the TV adaption of his first book, Happy Ever After.

Writing Journey will run from the 27th April to the 1st June, and will feature six fun workshops led by inspiring, local professionals. With workshops exploring journalism, poetry, life writing, the series is completely FREE and is being offered to anyone ages 18-25 who is curious about writing!

Get in touch with to book onto our FREE Writing Journey workshops.

All our sessions will take place online and you can find out more by following us on social media: @MargateBookie

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