Writing Journey with Francesca Baker

An eclectic writer, avid reader and passionate word lover, Francesca Baker ’s been a key part of Margate Bookie since 2017. She’s never happier than when she’s in a library or clutching a notebook.

As Virginia Woolf said ‘my head is a hive of words that won’t settle.’ So, Francesca puts them to use, exploring the world and then writing about it. Francesca will be bringing this and more to Margate Bookie’s Writing Journey on 30 November.

What session are you doing at Writing Journey?
Writing for Wellbeing, which is a mix of exploratory reflective exercises and fun creative runs. I believe that writing can help you learn about yourself and make you feel good. It’s not as scientific as Pennebaker, but experience has taught me it works.

What kind of things will you be doing?
That would be telling all my trade secrets! Some fun and silly things, some more emotional stuff, long and short exercises, and some solo activity and sharing.

How can your style of writing help young people?
I’ve run this workshop in prisons, universities, health centres and with the NHS. The feedback is always that it made people think, feel, and smile. Which is wonderful! As a writer, I couldn’t hope for higher praise.

How has it helped you?
My sister said I wouldn’t be alive without it. I’ve had anorexia since I was 19, and have journaled and written articles about it at various points. I go through phases of creative writing, definitely ebbs and flows. I read a lot though, and think the two are very interlinked, each one fuelling the other. But also writing is now my livelihood, so as well as engaging and nourishing me, it pays the bills!

Do you have any general writing advice for young people?
Just start. Write fast and write furious. Don’t edit. Let yourself go. It’s fun if you turn off the critic and just enjoy it.

* * *

Be sure to take part in Francesca’s workshop on 30 November by emailing For more information, see our Writing Journey blog.

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