About Us

The Margate Bookie literary festival is a community-based event which takes place at venues across Margate each August. We’re all about encouraging people to read more and get involved in writing at all levels and across a variety of genres. We do this through interactive sessions, workshops, talks, and inspirational/high-profile author readings. Our speakers hail from Thanet and further afield.


The event was founded Andreas Loizou, who grew up in Margate. Keen to share his love of reading and writing, and his passion for this part of Kent, he set about creating the Margate Bookie.

The first Margate Bookie was held in August 2015; the half-day event consisted of author talks and readings at Resort Studios in Margate. The second and most recent festival grew into a two-day event, which took place across five venues in Margate: Turner Contemporary, Sands Hotel, Resort Studios, Bernie’s Chocolate Bar and the Theatre Royal. As well as author talks and readings, there were writing workshops, children’s storytelling sessions, activities and talks with mindfulness experts (thanks to a partnership with Now Live Events) and a series of masterclasses with writers and authors from Psychologies Magazine.

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‘Planning for the third Margate Bookie is now underway. At this stage, we’re particularly keen to hear from potential sponsors, supporters and of course, writers and authors interested in taking part; you can email us on sunshine@margatebookie.com

You can also find us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up to date with what we’re up to.

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